Behind the Inspira Brand

♥ Inspira’s “Why” ♥

Inspira’s purpose is to become a unique empowering accessory to women & men in their everyday life using beautiful Mexican culture adornments.

Our intention is to inspire others that no matter where you come from, what you’ve suffered, where you’ve been, you CAN free yourself from the fear that holds us back from truly being who we were destined to be.  

Lizzy Hernandez, the creator of Inspira, knows this all too well. She’s suffered from depression since childhood into her adult life. From a failed attempt on her own life to a failed marriage. She never expected to ever live a happy life until her 14 year old son, at that time, spoke words to her that would change the rest of her life. She used his painful words to do everything in her power to be the mother her son always knew she was meant to be. Once in recovery Lizzy wanted to inspire others that once you set your heart, mind and work hard, they too can reach your goals.

With this being said she created Inspira as a mentoring piece for your wardrobe to feel empowered, confident and accomplish what you’re seeking out to do.

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